Who said the whole kitchen is just for women???

Ok guys, it's time to stake our claim in a small area of the kitchen. This doesn't mean you have to cook every night, but let's face it, we do spend more time in the kitchen these days than our dads and grandfathers ever did....and not just to go get beer and chips.

So, here is what you do--trust me, you will earn bedroom points, kitchen pass, poker night with the guys...you name it. Tell your wife, girlfriend, companion of the week the following, "I want to take a small section of the kitchen to store my own cooking items that will be just mine, for only ME to use." You will likely receive a strange look, but it's good I promise, she is thinking ok what did you do... Then, this is when you say the following, "I plan on cooking several meals a month to help around the house and would like these to be my items, just for me, ONLY for me." The key here is that you made your claim, and second, your tools are for your use, not hers. She might have that look in her eye but don't act on it yet, just ask her to point out a section in the kitchen you can use.

Now that its established where the testosterone section of the kitchen is, in time, you will utilize our site to stock with products used by us men in the kitchen. For now store your BBQ gear there and make sure you keep it yours.

So guys, follow these few simple steps and watch what happens the night you do this...you can thank us later...or buy us a beer.

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