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Wireless Thermometer - Gadget

Guys, let's talk gadgets--and I am not talking about the TV remote.
Nothing makes a guy happier than some great barbecue. And nothing says master-of-the-BBQ like meat cooked to perfection. Want perfect barbecue every time? Well, this Oregon Scientific Wireless Thermometer hands down is the best tool I use when it comes to cooking meat to perfection.


Dutch Oven - Not the bedroom kind!

Tis' the season to start talking about Dutch Ovens. Fellas, I already know you are thinking, "fart + under covers = Dutch oven." Well, that is true but when it comes to fall cooking, the Dutch oven is THE tool of the kitchen. So you may ask--what exactly is a Dutch oven...you know, the other kind? It is any large, heavy pot that is suitable for stovetop or oven use. These hard-working pots are the perfect tool for slow-simmered soups and braises, as well as a few other required fall meals, such as the chili for football! So what is our top Dutch ovens?

A guys wine opener

Many men would agree that enjoying a glass of wine or watching the ladies sipping a glass of wine is a very relaxing thing, yet uncorking wine is can be like taking off a lady's bra--complicated! There's nothing more annoying than the first time you learned you would have to remove her bra and you figure out that the straps were essentially made to be guy proof. Well, the same is true with wrestling with a corkscrew. Fortunately for us guys, we now have a site that bands us together so we can solve this problem, so let's start.



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